SteelWind Chamber Saxophone Quartet is a musical movement that was born in 1983 as the result of an experiment carried out by four musicians sharing the same desire; to be able to express their “non-purist” nature. It’s for this very reason that in the hands of SteelWind, the saxophone becomes an instrument outside of time, with a timbre and sonority that allows them to play freely in any genre, old and new.


At the base of this group there is a solid grounding in classical music and experience with world famous conductors such as Chung, Muti, Berio, Pretre, Bartoletti, Bychkov, Mehta, Leitner. Furthermore they have collaborated with the orchestra of the ‘Maggio Musicale Fiorentino’, the ‘ORT’ of Tuscany and with the ‘RAI’ symphony orchestra of Turin.


The group encountered contemporary music in the year of the ‘Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte’ in Montepulciano with Henze and the avantgarde stylings of  Globokar.


Afterwards a project took form that was dedicated to the progressive rock of the seventies that has been met with both critical acclaim and public success.


Originality, rule-breaking and versatility have brought the group to be awarded many prestigious prizes including: ‘A.Piazzolla’ of Castelfidardo, ‘Kawai’ of Tortona, ‘Rospigliosi’, ‘Sanguinetto’, ‘Riviera’ of Conero, ‘Ufam’ of Paris, ‘Rovere d’oro’, ‘Perugia Classico’, ‘T.I.M’.


The members of the group have recorded for: Nuova Era, Amiata Records, Pentaphon, Videoradio, Le Vele, Forrest Hill Records, Rain Records, Hit Records, ONK Music, EMA Records, Smilax.



Iacopo Sammartano - Soprano Sax

Milo Vannelli - Alto Sax

Davide Vannuccini - Alto Sax

Andrea Lucchesi - Tenor Sax

Roberto Frati - Baritone Sax


“I was particularly taken aback by the versatility of the group and their respect to the styles within the pieces they played….I expressed words of praise for their homogenous expressive timbre and for their capacity to expand the dynamic possibilities of the instrument.”



“…It was possible to admire the high grade of fusion between the sounds…the four interpreters pass from one melancholic pianissimo to a strident forte, bringing into evidence their astute virtuosity and their temperament full of spirit and liveliness.”

(HEINZ ZETTEL ‘Donau Curier’)

“…talented artists, admirabile versatility…noteworthy performers capable of bringing joy with the most absolute justice and musical precision in every genre…in every era and in every latitude.”

(ALDO PAGANI editor of ‘Astor Piazzolla’)


“…I know the thing that makes them special: the sound of perfect ensemble playing, transposition and clear elaboration, clean playing, but most of all , a great love for all music. Steel Wind weave through the music with charm and an unprecedented ease…the heart of our interpreters beats with real love, technique, indispensability, it’s only  a memory of the music lost in time.”



“Music of a high level from the Quartet…their impeccable preparation, their perfect ensemble playing, their intense quality of music…of particular significance was the interpretation of “Habanera” with its slackened rhythms and high intensity,the interpretation underlined the atmosphere of love and death.”

(ELVIRA URSINO ‘La Sicilia’)


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