The new CD from SteelWind with original music that traces the history of both Rock and Prog Rock.


1. Black colours

2. Mother

3. Dream of you (per Riviera)

4. In memoriam

5. Aurora

6. Tempus Fugit I

7. Tempus Fugit II

8. Tempus Fugit III

9. Teuta


In my disorganised musical upbringing, I was never a fan of the saxophone and I  always considered it a soloists instrument. I was struck by a quote attributed to Coltrane, when in response to the journalists that asked him what he thought of the other saxophonists, he provocatively answered “I don’t know, we don’t play the same instrument”: It is with this very charm that I listened to the work. In a classical framing i encountered variety, versatility, invention and the great irony of Doctor Sax. In a game of imagery, the saxophone is often pulled up alongside a cornucopia. But I didn’t believe that inside this instrument there would be such richness, such surprise or so much creative freedom.


Stefano Benni

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